Technology is a big part of today’s world and it does not come as a surprise that kids want their own cell phones. Parents will want to hold off on this for as long as they can because cell phones are a constant distraction, especially with social media and gaming apps that cause kids to stare at their phones for far too long. Additionally, they come at a high monthly cost and may expose your kids to things they don’t need to see until they’re much older. In many cases, kids are not ready for a cell phone, despite how much they want one.

While it’s tough to shield your kids from all forms of technology, you can certainly delay the purchase of a cell phone by choosing one of the following tech gadgets, all of which are great alternatives to a smartphone.

  1. Consider a tech watch. This is a great option because it has a text messaging feature with the ability to set up trusted contacts that parents can help with. This allows your child to communicate with the right people that you trust and limit their communication to just that list, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing they won’t have access to strangers. Certain watches also have a GPS feature that will notify parents whenever their child steps outside of the areas they’re allowed to be in, which is a great security aspect all parents will appreciate. This is a child-friendly option that both kids and adults will love.
  2. Relay is another great choice because it is a simple device that only has one button. It doesn’t have a screen or any apps and it is through the one button that your child can connect to an app on your phone, which will allow them to communicate only with contacts that you allow. It works much like a walky-talky that the parent gets to control. This is perfect for younger kids who are simply not ready for access to the internet and all that it offers and is essentially a safety device that comes with many benefits and zero distractions.
  3. A basic phone with very few features is another option to consider for kids who would benefit from a phone as they can be designed specifically for a younger individual. It can have talk and text features as well as the ability to store a few songs, which should be enough to keep them happy. This option provides your child with a phone but eliminates more advanced features that are more suitable for adults.

These are just three options that parents can consider when the cell phone debate comes around and I Tech Accessories in Hamilton can help you find something everyone will like. They can also help you maintain the condition of your current gadgets and specialize in cell phone and screen repair, so whether you have an iPhone or other tech gadgets, be sure to visit them today!