Don’t panic if you have dropped your iPhone in water. Stay calm and work through the various things you can do to prevent permanent damage. While newer iPhones are water-resistant, that does not mean they are entirely waterproof. Here are some things you can do to save your soaked iPhone:

Don’t Turn it On

This is the most critical piece of advice you need to follow after dropping your phone in water. The chances are your phone automatically turned off after being dropped in water, so don’t manually turn it back on.

Remove the SIM Card

After making sure your phone is off, you need to make sure water doesn’t damage the SIM card. Take the SIM card out and leave the slot that was holding it out as well.

Wipe the Outside

With extra care, use a cloth to wipe the exterior of your phone. If you had a case on your phone, take it off first and apply light pressure when cleaning.

Put in a Dry Place

After drying off your phone, keep it in a warm and dry place to allow any extra water to evaporate. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight and harsh heat so that it does not endure further damage.

Dry with Silica Gel Packs

These usually come with electronic items that you buy from major stores. They help keep the product dry should it experience humidity or moisture while being transported. Instead of throwing them away, set them aside; they can help absorb water content inside a wet device.

Put it in Uncooked Rice

You are probably familiar with this solution and for a good reason – it can work. Simply submerge your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least a day to remove moisture.

Hair Dryer

If your iPhone still doesn’t turn on after trying the previous methods, you could try something a little more extreme. Be careful if using a hair dryer though as it can get quite hot. Use it on a low power mode and from a distance, so you do not cause further damage to your phone.

Dismantle It

One of your last resorts should be to dismantle your phone if nothing else works. Be extremely careful when taking apart your phone and drying its insides.

Get a Waterproof Case

If you find yourself dropping your phone in water frequently, or even just the once, get yourself a waterproof phone. That way, you do not have to worry about clumsy moments. You could also use a ziplock bag for a temporary solution around pools and beaches.

Visit I Tech Accessories

If after trying all these methods you still can’t get your phone to work, visit our store. Our experienced technicians have dealt with hundreds of water-damaged phone and will do everything we can to save your device. You can call us or stop by whenever is most convenient for you.