Cell phones are one of the most efficient, advanced forms of technology that have changed modern civilization dramatically. As the evolution of cell phones continue, new generations of these devices are growing faster, but also developing a myriad of problems. Most of the problems that cell phone users faces are common errors and failures that are more of a nuisance than a severe issue. Thankfully, there are steps to take to remedy the smartphone issues and carry on with your day.

Here is I Tech Accessories’ guide to the three most common cell phone problems:

Poor Battery Life

A smartphone that is two years or older is at risk of the lithium-ion battery deteriorating. Plugging it in to charge and receiving a full battery is sufficient enough, but only for a limited number of cycles. Most battery manufacturers state that after 500 cycles, a phone’s battery will begin to degrade by 20%. Depending on how much a phone is used, the battery can degrade more quickly. When this occurs, you will need to have your phone’s battery replaced with a new one from a qualified phone repair store. Many users also choose to purchase a new phone entirely when this happens and start fresh.

Cracked Phone Screen

A smartphone’s glass display screen is often the first to suffer in the event of the phone being dropped. The damage can differ in severity, but ultimately no one wants such an expensive device to have a shattered display screen. Assses the damage after it’s dropped, and if the display is shattered and/or not working, try to back up your device as quickly as possible. This is to ensure all of your messages, photos and files are saved and stored elsewhere in case the phone dies and cannot be started. Next, take your cell phone into a repair shop to have the screen repaired and get a new screen protector.

Overheating Phone / Phone Shut Down From Cold

Phones are essentially miniature computers and are just as vulnerable to overheating when exposed to heat. Heat is a battery killer because it stresses the battery into overworking. The LCD screen on your smartphone can become damaged if it is exposed to direct sunlight or sitting in a hot car for a prolonged period of time. Cold temperatures slow down the electric current by causing chemical reactions in your smartphone. This can dramatically affect its lifespan, because smartphones are not designed for cold temperatures under 0 degrees Celsius. The phone may shut down when subjected to negative temperatures, so try to avoid using it outside for too long in the winter.

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